Albania (Berat – Siroke)

De Macédoine à Albanie, les routes sont longues et arpentées de trous. On file pas comme le vent mais on avance quand même. On s’attarde une nuit à Berat – la ville aux mille fenêtres – témoignage de l’architecture ottomane en Albanie puis on apprend à vivre le temps au bord du lac Shkodër dans la famille de Tahir et Aphrodita.

Before our workshop in Shkoder, we visited a bit Albania. We went to Berat, as the guide says, the nicest town in Albania. And we get a real, really real rest on the board of the Shkoder Lake in the small village, named Siroka. Danka was improving her Albanian converstaion because nobody spoke any other language there. We made also a game of chess from the stones. Our host, Tahir, was a Champion of chess and we could never win…

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